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What comes to your mind when you hear the word “grains”? White rice, a loaf of bread, or maybe a delicious treat for cows? What many people don’t know is that most grains are members of the grass family. All grains contain an amazing amount of fiber, especially “whole” grains.


Grains also contain protein, and vitamins and minerals are plentiful. This food group has been a mainstay in our diet for thousands of years.


Keep reading to learn more about grains and how delicious they really can be!

Variety of Grains

There are tens of thousands of different types of grains in the world. Even rice, a common staple food, has thousands of varieties. No wonder the option can be overwhelming! Here are a few varieties to get you started and comfortable in the world of grains. 

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Purchasing Grains

The cheapest way to buy whole grains is in bulk. But, if you are newcooking with whole grains, you may want to start out with buying grains in a box or package with easy cooking instructions right there on the package.

 Learn more about purchasing grains here. 

What Makes a Grain Whole

We have all heard to eat more whole grains, but why is this? The key is the composition of the grain. All grains have three main parts that vary in nutrient content. 

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Make Half Your Grains Whole

It is recommened that at least half of all grains you eat should be whole grains. Here are some simple tups to help you eat more whole grains!

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Sample Recipes: 


Brown Rice

Rolled Oats

This Week's Chef Demo: 

Mushroom Barley Risotto