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The Pile Your Plate with Plants campaign’s goal is to increase the consumption of plant-based foods by teaching how to incorporate these foods into everyday meals and focusing on the benefits of plant-based eating. Those benefits include increased overall health, reduced risks for chronic illnesses, maintaining a healthy weight, and improving behavior and mood.


The Mediterranean diet is a plant-based diet that has been proven to improve health and promote longevity. It is important to remember that this is a diet pattern, not a specific diet. Nothing sounds better than a delicious meal shared with loved ones. The Mediterranean diet is a lifestyle, one where people enjoy conviviality, are physically active, enjoy long relaxing meal times, and spend time with family and friends.


It may seem challenging to follow this lifestyle, but even one or two small changes can set you on the path of a new way of eating and living. As beloved cookbook author Mollie Katzen states in her plant-focused book “The Heart of the Plate.” “When I cook, I want as much space on the plate as possible for my beloved garden vegetables. For the most part, that is my definition of my cuisine: a beautiful plate of food, simply cooked, maximally flavored, and embracing as many plant components as will harmoniously fit.” Mollie goes on to write, “The plant-road to deliciousness allows you to be an artist as well as a cook, showcasing the beauty of the ingredients as you mix things up in creative yet taste-logical ways.”


So, you have the information, you have the recipes, and you have the resources! Go pile your plate with plants and enjoy every moment of a healthier lifestyle. Your body will thank you!

Ways to Include More Plant-Based Foods

The base of the Mediterranean lifestyle is plant-based foods. This reinvented pyramid shows the different components of the Mediterranean lifestyle and what foods are eaten in moderation. 

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Vegetarian/Vegan vs. Plant-based

Remember, plant-based eating does not mean strict vegan or vegetarian. Deborah Madision, another well-known cookbook author and chef gives a quote about plant-based lifestyles. 

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Knife Tips 

Sometimes eating vegetables can be intimidating if you aren't confident in suing a knife! Here are some tips to get you started. 

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Sample Recipes

Click on the links below for the full recipe

Grain Bowl

Chef Demo 

White Bean Butternut Chili