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USU Dining Services Employee of the Month!

Saw someone who really showed this month's value? Nominate them! 

Your manager will choose an employee of the month for your operation- who will receive $10 Aggie Express!
 From there, we will choose a Dining Services employee of the month- who will receive $50 Aggie Express and a plaque!

Nominate an Employee of the Month!

Employee of The Month 2018-2019

Check out who won last month!


Lagi Netzler Employee of the Month for October 2018Lagi Netzler
Artist Block Cafe & Bakery


Malik EOM
Malik Hogan
The Bakery at USU


Angee EOMAngela Laughery
Luke's Cafe on the Quad


libby pope Libby Pope
The Marketplace


jane shoemaker Jane Shoemaker
The Skyroom 

Continuous Improvement

Winner to Be Chosen


Winner to Be Chosen


Thanks to all of our team who helps us Create an Excellent College Experience!

Value of The Month

 October: Passion

We enjoy what we do and it shows. We have a personal vision of what we are accomplishing as an organization and love to make things happen.

 November: Respect

We treat others as we should want to be treated, always taking people into account as we make decisions. We respect other people's values, ideas, time and opinions. No one person is any more important than the other, if there are differences, they are handled with open, honest communication.

 December: Empowerment

Everyone within the organization is empowered to make decisions within policies. The questions we always ask in making decision is whether or not this leads to an Excellent College Experience. We are accountable for our decisions and actions and we take ownership in everything we do.

 January: Dedication

We believe in what we do and that it makes a difference in the experiences of everyone involved with the university. There is work to be done, not time to be put in. We dedicate our talents and employ a good work ethic every day.

 February: Integrity

 We stand by our word in every circumstance and trust others to do the same. If we say it will happen... it will. Dishonesty is never tolerated.

 March: Continuous Improvement

We constantly question what we do and how we do it in an effort to find a better way. Problems and complaints are seen as opportunities to become better. Perfection is not an end result but a process that occurs every day and in everything we do.

 April: Teamwork

We are always there for each other. We understand the impact of what we do on other organizations within Dining Service as well as outside of Dining Services. Success can never be built upon failure elsewhere. Appropriate compromised leads to a greater success.