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Leafy Greens


Come to the “dark (green) side”…no, really! Come on over! Dark leafy greens are an incredible source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. You’ll get a big bang for your buck when you eat them since they are high in nutrients AND low in calories.


These leafy greens have been eaten since prehistoric times and are still enjoyed throughout the world. They are mostly eaten in salads, from a simple green salad to a more robust combination of kale, arugula, and an olive oil dressing. Leafy greens can also be eaten raw or cooked, so the options are endless!


Click on the links to dive into the leafy green world and learn how to turn those leaves into an easy and simple meal.


Variety of Leafy Greens

When most people think of the word "Salad", a sad picture of iceburg lettuce, a few chopped tomatoes, and ranch dressing comes to mind. While iceburg lettuce is a popular base for salads, it doesn't pack the nutrient punch that other darker greens have. Here are some ideas to add to your everyday salad. 

Read more about the variety of leafy greens here. 

Purchasing Leafy Greens

Including dark leafy ingredients in your diet starts at the grocery store. Head to the produce section and take time to look at all the varieties available to you. Bring some new favorite dark leafy greens home and get cooking. 

 Learn more about purchasing leafy greens here. 

Washing and Storing Leafy Greens

Follow these steps to keep those greens tasty, fresh, and ready- to -eat!

Learn more about washing and storing leafy greens here. 

Dressing Greens 

Now that you have your greens washed adn readyd to use, what do you do with them? Making homemade dressing is both delicious and cheap. Try out this easy dressing recipe, find your favorite add-ins, and eat those greens. 

Try our dressing recipe here!

Tips with Kale 
Kale and Argula Salad
Sauteed Swiss Chard 
Spinach and Feta Pita Pizza

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