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the new dining experience - the unlimited meal plan or the semester one hundred and ten meal plan

Having a meal plan is more than just eating delicious food. You do not have to spend time shopping, cooking, or cleaning. We become your kitchen and your home away from home. Spend time on what is most important such as going to class, studying, being involved and going to events at USU. 
Meal plans are valid at any of our 16 USU Dining Locations on campus. No matter where you are at there will be a place nearby where you can use your meal plan.

With a variety of meal plans, we are confident that there is one that will fit your new lifestyle here at USU! 

If you are living in the Living Learning Community, Central Suites, Mountain View Tower, Bullen or Richards Hall, you are required to have a Housing Meal Plan. 
Housing Meal Plans are perfect for people eating on campus frequently, or at least once per day. 

Housing Meal Plan Options Cost Per Semester Cost Per Meal % Discount vs. Retail Pricing
in Dining Halls
Unlimited Access + $200 in Dining Dollars $1,775 per semester $4.69 * 55%
Semester 110 + $200 in Dining Dollars  $1,150  per semester $8.64 18%
Changes to Housing Meal Plans can be made within the first two weeks of the semester
*Cost per meal calculated at three meals per day over a 16 week semester



Discover our 2 dining halls placed conveniently across campus to meet student needs.

Your Semester 110 or Unlimited meals are pre-loaded onto your USU ID Card at the beginning of each semester.

Semester 110 and Unlimited Meals DO NOT roll over semester to semester. They will expire at the end of each semester as per your 
USU Housing contract.

Hand the cashier your USU ID Card & tell them you are using your Housing Meal Plan to gain access to the dining halls OR scan your finger to skip the lines! (see cashier for more details)


In a hurry or want to try Dining Services' other 14 locations?
Use your Dining Dollars in our Cafe's, Convenience Stores,
Food Court, Fine Dining, & Concessions locations.

Your $200 in Dining Dollars are pre-loaded onto your USU ID Card at the beginning of each semester.
Dining Dollars will expire at the end of Spring Semester

Hand the cashier your USU ID Card and tell them you would like to use your Dining Dollars. They will only deduct the amount that is purchased.

If you run out don't worry, you can re-load your card at any time at the
USU Card Office located in the Taggart Student Center Office 212.
For every $50 loaded we will give you an additional $5 for FREE!

Each location offers a variety of healthy food options and all are located throughout campus for your convenience.
To view hours, locations, menu's, etc. please visit all of our location's web pages by clicking any location below.  

Dining Halls 
All You Care to Eat 

the junction

the marketplace

Retail Locations 
Cafe's, Convenience Stores, Food Court, & Concessions

nonis quadside cafe lukes cafe on the quad
shaws 88
the quickstop
the nook
the hub food court beths bistro
 the skyroom    



Have additional questions?

Check out our "Important Information & FAQs" section below, or give us a call at 435-797-1701.

Important Information & FAQ's

Allotted Meals Per Week

If you have purchased the Unlimited Meal Plan you will never need to worry about how many meals you have left. If you have purchased the Semester 110 Meal Plan you have 110 meals per semester (averages 6 meals per week). Don't worry! If you want to check how many meals you have left ask the cashier and they can give you your balance. Your 110 Meal's will expire every semester.

Dining Dollars

All Housing meal plan options include $200 in Dining Dollars to start you out. Dining Dollars can be used in all of our Cash operations: The Hub Food Court (including Subway, Taco Time, Caffe Ibis, The Blue Wok, & Scotsman's Corner Grill) The Skyroom Restaurant, The Quadside Cafe, Beth's Bistro, Shaw's 88, Noni's Coffee Shop, Steeped Tea House, Luke's Cafe on the Quad, The Quickstop, & The Nook.
You may also use your Dining Dollars to purchase "To Go" Meals in The Junction or The Marketplace. Dining Dollars work by swiping your Aggie I.D. that is issued to you during Student Orientation.
What happens if you run out of Dining Dollars? You can always reload your card in the card office (TSC 2nd floor). For every $50 loaded Dining Services will give you an additional $5 for FREE!

Guest Passes

Guest passes allow residents to purchase a meal for friends, family, or other guests. Resident must be present to use the guest passes. Two Guest Passes are allotted per semester.
(Only Applicable to The Unlimited Meal Plan or Semester 110 Meal Plan)

How to Purchase

Housing Meal Plans are traditionally purchased by students living in USU Housing.
If you live in the Living Learning Community (LLC), Mountain View Tower, Central Suites, Richards Hall, or Bullen Hall you will need to choose between the Semester 110 or Unlimited Meal Plan.
When you choose where to live at USU you will then also choose which meal plan you would like for that semester. You can change your meal plan up until two weeks after the semester begins. After that two weeks you will be locked into your meal plan for the semester. 
You can pay for your meal plan in the USU Housing Office or set up a payment plan to coincide with your other fee's on your Banner account. 
To purchase or change your meal plan please call the USU Housing Office at (435) 797-3113.